Discover Ugo Mellone – Photographer of the Month!

Under our Stand4Trees Campaign, Ugo Mellone is the latest photographer who decided to join us and be Photographer of the Month of July 2016.

Naturalist since childhood, Ugo uses his camera as a powerful tool to explore the beauty of nature and to inspire awareness, in order to promote conservation. With a PhD in the field of ecology of migrating birds, Ugo is also a scientist.

Ugo has been one of the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest in 2015 and published hundreds of pictures in books and magazines, including BBC Wildlife Magazine, Terre Sauvage, New Scientist.

We are honored to have him as our Photographer of the Month, with a series that shows the way he sees plants and wildlife.

Conveyance and transformation of vital energy within and between what gives light and what is life.

We only exist because we can breathe.

And breathing only exists because we have trees.



Thistle plants in backlight – Extremadura (Spain) Cod. JUN01



Tree fern – Honduras – Cod. JUN02



Insect eggs on a fern – Chiloe Island (Chile) Cod. JUN03



Magellanic woodpecker  – Patagonia (Argentina) Cod. JUN04



Eagle owl – Southern Spain – Cod. JUN05