Forests and Public School Kids in Colombia


Forest Ecology Classes and Reforestation with Kids, Colombia


Basin of the Buritaca river, Department of Magdalena, Colombia




The Forest Ecology Classes and Reforestation with Kids programme is an educational initiative for public schools located in the high conservation value forests (HCVF) of the Buritaca Basin, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Department of Magdalena, Colombia. The programme was funded by the British foundation Rainforest Concern and is based on partnerships with local schools, an association of Community Based Organization (CBO) of local forest dwellers, and ENVIRONOMICA.

Communities of forest dwellers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta bare the power to halt deforestation and invert the way humans relate to forest goods. With this interactive initiative for remote primary schools, we train school teachers on forest ecology and forest values, we provide educational materials on trees and forests that can be used throughout the year, and we engage children with planting trees and monitoring forest cycles during their studies.

The primary goals of the programme are:

  • to foster environmental consciousness of the next generation of forest dwellers in remote, forest-rich areas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta,
  • to promote local circular economies based on forest product harvesting and sustainable forest ecosystem management,
  • to increase forest restoration on the target areas through native tree planting, monitoring and maintenance.


The Trees & Forests Booklet


Thanks to Rainforest Concern funding, we designed and printed a booklet on forest ecology based on the educational needs of these communities of forest children. The booklet is an interactive tool for learning that provides a guiding reference both for our experts during the scheduled one-day initiatives with each school class and for teachers to follow up on these classes throughout the year:



Forests Ecology Classes and Restoration


1 ENV professionals visit a public school class and hand in the booklet for all the students to keep and go through in an interactive lecture.


2 A theoretical and interactive lecture is given to the class on the importance of trees and forests and it is taught with special emphasis on the local forest ecosystem.


3 For the practical aspect of the activity, each student picks up a seedling from the community nursery located within the school grounds.


4 A small hike is guided in order to reach the planting site, surrounded by the forest ecosystem kids just learned about.


5 After reaching the planting site – a stream lacking trees – each student plants his/her tree applying the concepts learned in the book and theoretical class.



By adopting memorial trees, you will make more trees available to school kids to support their engagement with reforesting their home ground. Click on the link below and select the number of trees you wish to make available to children in Colombia. All payment methods are enabled. You’re just two clicks away from making a direct contribution to this cause!