Here goes our Photographer of the Month: discover Claudio Vitale!

As a part of our Stand4Trees Campaign, we are very pleased to announce that Claudio Vitale is the latest artist who decided to support us and be Photographer of the Month of October 2016!

Claudio was born in Bologna and raised between Napoli and Rome. He discovered his passion for photography after spending 18 months in Peru to then graduate at the European Institute of Design.

Claudio Vitale focuses mostly on social and documentary reportages and has collaborated with several italian and foreign magazines and newspapers, such as King, Liberation, Repubblica, L’Espresso and Das Magazin, among others. For 5 years, he has been a member of Grazia Neri Photo Agency, where he dealt with production and assignments. Claudio won the Kodak European Award and his works have been shown in major galleries and prestigious museums, including “Triennale” and “Permanente” in Milan and the Museum of Photography in Turin.

For Environomica, he decided to present a photo reportage on the Molisan Transhumance: a remnant of an ancient cultural and social tradition, now surviving in isolated minorities.

Molise Last Transhumance

In Italy, the Colantuono is the last family that carries on this older practice, in Acquevive, a small village close to Frosolone. They move every year 200/250 cows, starting from San Marco in Lamis, in Puglia, and going as far as Frosolone mountain. It is about 200 km, traveling on foot and by horseback through the remains of the ancient royal “Tratturi”.

Cod. OCT01

The territories of the ancient transhumance in southern Italy are now affected by new economic paradigms and the traditional transhumance has been replaced by sedentary and intensive grazing. This project reflect the cultural heritage of this historical tradition, which must be preserved and protected for a number of reasons, not least the lower environmental impact of this practice, as well as the great potential of the ancient “Tratturi”, with a view to promoting a local sustainable tourism.

Cod. OCT10

Cod. OCT13

Molise Last Transhumance

Molise Last Transhumance