Mission and Principles

Our Aim is to halt the destruction of our natural environment and promote a development able to nurture life in all its diversity by:

  • Conserving vulnerable ecosystems in conjunction with its inhabitants
  • Triggering the transition of local economies towards environmentally sustainable
  • Advocating for systems to incentivize conservation in the business sector


To do so, Environomica Onlus has adopted the following Guiding Principles:

  • Be international, independent, inclusive and non-party political
  • Disavow violence as a form of confrontation and seek dialogue
  • Make sure that the environment benefits from all our actions
  • Combine the best available scientific information with traditional territorial knowledge
  • Create conservation solutions through field based projects, networking and capacity building
  • Seek local communities and indigenous peoples informed consent prior to planning and executing filed programmes, and pursue their broadest involvement
  • Strive to build partnerships with other organizations, governments, business and local communities to enhance Environomica´s effectiveness
  • Transfer knowledge and best practice examples both vertically and horizontally
  • Run operations in a cost effective manner and apply donor´s funds according to the highest standards of accountability