About us


Environomica is an international non-profit organization that operates in the fields of nature conservation and sustainable rural development. We choose to act like a social enterprise to build strong partnerships and promote a sustainable future for both people and the planet.

Our value proposition is based on fostering conscious economic development through a set of high potential offers and best practices.

  • We promote ad-hoc cooperation programmes in the developing world
  • We campaign to both fund our programme and raise awareness on global environmental issues
  • We promote and run specific social business lines, in collaboration with the private sector



Our Aim is to halt the destruction of our natural environment and promote a development able to nurture life in all its diversity. Read more



Environomica’s Core Team is specialized in building international partnerships and set up ad-hoc development programmes in a variety of fields, as initiator, or on behalf of third-party investors and donors. Read more



We are an organization with an international vision: thanks to a solid network reaching multiple levels, we are able to connect actors in different locations, countries and regions. Read more



Strong partnerships based on shared values that are aimed at inclusive networking are at the centre of our thinking development cooperation. Read more