Environomica creates interactive learning tools and activities for students in primary and secondary schools of Colombia and Italy.





Our environmental education program in Colombia is designed for rural extensions of public schools and was implemented in Santa Marta District, in the North of the country. The program addresses forest ecology and the importance of trees in a region heavily affected by deforestation.

Students ranging 5 to 14 years old take part in an interactive lecture and an outdoor action to plant trees around and nearby the schools. Environomica brings her experience with restoring forests in the region and materials to complement the didactic learning of primary and secondary students of rural schools in Santa Marta District.


Our learning program in Italy is designed for primary and secondary school users and was implemented in Lecco Province. Core issues covered by the program include climate change, socio-economic implications of a damaged environment, and the readiness of comprehensive solutions.

Environomica’s projects tackle the conservation of local ecosystems through reforestation and sustainable agriculture integrated in the natural landscape. Environomica brings her experience to schools as a case study on one of the multiple ecological needs the next generations will have to tackle.


If you are interested in participating as a school or as a teacher in our Environmental Education programs, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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