Forestry & Water

We know that 80% of land species live in forests and almost 300 million people dwell in forests too. Forests provide a variety of resources to all of us, including food, medicine, wood, fresh water, and the air we breathe. Without the trees, the ecosystem that supports the human population can collapse.

We know that freshwater ecosystems have an even higher concentration of species. An average of 300 new freshwater fish species are discovered every year. People use 54% of the planet’s water that flows through rivers, lakes, and groundwater. Estimates suggest that this may increase to 70% by 2025 and that at least 3.5 billion people will live in water-stressed river basins in 2025 – half the world’s projected population.

Trees provide erosion control and improved water quality. Removal of tree cover accelerates water discharge, it increases flood risk during the rainy season and causes river beds to dry out in the dry season. Conserving forest ecosystems will be crucial for the survivor of present and future human population.




SFEC Programme

Roughly 1.5 million people are dependent upon the freshwater originating form the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. In 2013, the Sierra was identified as the most irreplaceable bioregion in the world for threatened species. The SFEC Programme will restore forest ecosystems by securing portions of forest to conservation and reorganizing agriculture in conjunction with the locals. Read more



Communities of forest dwellers in Colombia bare the power to halt deforestation and invert the way humans relate to forest goods. With this interactive initiative for schools in remote forest-rich areas funded by Rainforest Concern, we train primary school teachers on forest ecology, provide educational materials on trees and forests, and engage children with planting trees and monitoring forest cycles. Read more


SAM Programme

The official figure for timber exports in Mozambique is ten times smaller than the registered Mozambican log imports in China: the scale of illegal logging is at its largest ever. The SAM Project intends to support local forest concessionaires with the transition to multi-level sustainable operation by optimizing extraction, empowering communities and entering international markets through sustainability certification. Read more




Stand 4 Trees is an innovative way of financing forest conservation through user’s direct engagement. We are currently running four initiatives you can take part in: