Project name:

O.C.I.M. Programme

Project description:

Organic Cotton Initiative Mozambique


The OCIM Programme is a model international partnership between ad-hoc household-based outgrower schemes, ginners associations and ENVIRONOMICA.

The OCIM Programme aims to support the transition of activities within the cotton field into sustainable, organic, and certified high-end finished and semi-finished products by way of disseminating know-how, empowering communities, incentivizing best sustainable practices within certified markets, and stimulating regional inclusive green growth.


The primary goals of the OCIM Programme are:

(a) to build a regional chain of production for sustainably grown organic cotton,
(b) to foster nature conservation by enhancing socio-technical capabilities of local communities, and
(c) to enter international markets through sustainability, organic and fair trade certifications.

To further the OCIM Programme ENVIRONOMICA sends out a call to prospect partners and donors. Please, visit our Support page if you wish to make a donation or contact us for detailed info and terms of partnership.


O.C.I.M. Modules








Phase 0

Preliminary Phase Zero involves researching and gathering all due information, up-to-date local data, and prospect participants to the out-grower scheme, establishing communication avenues with public local and national authorities, and defining terms of partnership with the local filed association.


Phase 1

The first phase is aimed at getting acquainted to the local participants and establishing a relationship of mutual trust with local Chiefs on a socio-economic level for a preliminary appraisal on state-of-the-art of workforce training.



Phase 2

The second phase builds on the data analysis and modelling, to test different strategies, finalize individual outgrower scheme contracts, instruct participants to sustainable and organic farming standards, and train local workers to monitor the proceedings.


Phase 3

The third phase targets production take-off under OCIM arrangements and aims at processing seasonal yield, attaining international certifications, selling and reinvesting into the construction of locally-run additional facilities.



Phase 4

The fourth phase launches local weaving and sewing workshops organized on a cooperative basis under fair trade arrangements, prepares the ground for community-based weaving and sewing detachments, and sees to securing long-term financial and economic viability of the project


Phase 5

The fifth phase aims at establishing long-term relationships with international designers, reaching optimal project size and functioning, being recognized as a ‘landmark project’ of sustainable farming, fair trade and local development through its success and certifications.


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