Are you a school?

We believe it is crucial that our generation work hand in hand with the next generation in order to downsize the impact of human activities on the environment.

Through our Tree Cycle initiative, we aim to acquaint pupils with the impact of human actions on natural cycles and enhance their informed and conscious behavior as global citizens. Your class will be assigned a number of adopted trees with their respective GPS coordinates. This direct action will symbolically offset the ecological footprint of their learning process and show them the scale of a natural cycle.

Ecological Footprint

Thanks to our graphic and pro-active interfaces we will walk pupils through the way man uses natural cycles to obtain vital resources. Together we will estimate the impact of some of our daily actions and how tiny adjustments may drastically lower our day to day footprint.

Direct Action

We will assign your class a group of adopted trees in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Thanks to our geo-referenced system, students will be able to visually grow with their trees. We will follow up with pictures and air footage, to keep them updated on their adopted trees and how their direct action has influenced the life of this natural cycle.

Please, contact us for further information and initiative details.