Guided Tours on our Project Fields in Colombia

sierra-01The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy are rapidly becoming top tourism destinations in Colombia.

We chose to work with these two bioregions because of their vulnerable ecosystems: a growing tourism industry may help impoverished rural communities generate higher income but also harm the environment it depends on.

Come visit us on our project areas: we will show you what we are doing to foster a responsible tourism industry that sustains conservation and set you up with a local guide to explore the natural wanders in one or both regions.

Please note: we do not charge a fee to show our project area and the work we do there. We will help you reach the area and purchase a tour with a certified local guide. We trust you will appreciate the work we are doing to preserve these vulnerable ecosystems and support our programmes with a donation.



The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta hosts the Lost City archaeological park: the ruins of an ancient city built by the Tairona civilization in the 800 BC. It takes a 4 to 6 days hike to reach the site, amidst the Sierra’s breath-taking tropical forest. The hike takes off by the campesino farming community in El Mamey and continues through the indigenous reserve, where the Lost City lies. There are four indigenous peoples populating this reserve, including the Koguis: the descendents of the Tairona civilization.






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The Sierra Nevada de El Cocuy, Güicán y Chita is located on the Andes mountain range. It is home to Colombia’s largest glaciers and vast extensions of Páramo vegetation. With its seven peaks over 5.000 m.a.s.l. and unique vegetation patterns, this natural park attracts a growing number of hikers every year and from all over the world. You will stay with the local farming community at an altitude of 4.000 m.a.s.l. and learn how humans have adapted to cope with extreme natural conditions.






infoInfo on the Natural Park Sierra Nevada de El Cocuy, Güicán y Chita